Kouroushis Dairy

The dairy industry N. Th. Kouroushis Ltd was founded in 1959 in Vatyli, at Famagusta Province, by John Kouroushis as a family business in order to produce and supply milk and dairy products based on traditional taste, techniques of production and quality of that time.

In 1974, after the Turkish invasion the dairy industry was reactivated in Kofinou, a village of Larnaca, where it is still housed and located until today.

Today, Kouroushis Dairy Industry is one of the most well-known producers of traditional halloumi cheese and other dairy products such as fetta, anari, kefalotyri, yoghurt, flaouna cheese, airani and kefir in Cyprus. N.Th.Kouroushis Ltd is moving on to create new and innovative functional products designed to meet the modern nutritional and healthy needs of consumers based always on the quality of the raw materials that would lead to premium final products.